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Shredding your office paper is not only the single most secure way to dispose of it within your organisation, but also helps your business meet its GDPR requirements for data security by providing an effective and secure way of disposing of data, preventing theft of data.

With regards to EU & UK Law on GDPR - If you don’t have processes in place to protect the data you hold in hard copy, you are leaving yourself open to serious security risk, and potential fines from the EU regulator.

If your staff shred your documents once no longer required, you will have effectively destroyed any information and thus fulfilled your obligation with GDPR compliance in one, simple action.

At City Office - we partner and support the Northern Ireland business, hospitality and government bodies with HSM - a market-leader in products and services for environmental technology and shredding equipment for your home/work office and electronic data media.

HSM not only provide high quality equipment and materials but their "Made in Germany" quality guarantees you not only receive a safe and durable machine – but a 3 years warranty on all equipment.

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