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Managed Print Services help companies of all sizes to;

  • Reduce their print costs
  • Cut their capital expenditure
  • Increase the productivity of their print users

As a business grows – more devices are added to the network to meet the needs of the organisation – and this inevitably leads to print management becoming more complex. When the number of devices and users increases, many businesses lose visibility and control of their spend on print. What you can’t see you can’t manage and companies – more often than not – under-estimate how much they spend on printing and how much time their staff spend managing it. Organisations find themselves paying significantly higher printing costs based on poor management of their print fleet. Unless all the devices can be seen and managed efficiently, printing will become complicated and expensive.

Managed print helps a business of any size to manage budgets by paying a fixed monthly fee for all your prints consumables and service, based on your annual print volume. It is a particularly popular option for more and more businesses syncing up working from home, multiple office locations or staff having access to multiple machines within the same office.

Managed Print Services goes beyond operational management of a device to give an organisation of any size a single point of control that manages output and reduces costs. Using intelligent software to monitor all devices in the office, to manage users, MPS gives you control of your company’s document output and an insight into printing practices.

We work with you to devise the optimum solution for your business needs. In simple terms, our objective is to help our clients spend less money, time and resources on printing.

How Managed Print Services reduces print costs:

  • Direct print to the most cost-effective device.
  • Enforce duplex printing.
  • Default to black and white.
  • Track and charge back costs.
  • Automated toner reordering and service call logging reduces the load on staff as well as down time.
  • Greater transparency on print usage through the gathering of data around utilisation, usage patterns and more.
  • View printers, IP addresses and status alerts.
  • Put a stop to unnecessary printing with verified print release.
  • Produce standard and custom reports.
  • Use print ID cards and PIN numbers to allow for secure print.
  • Enforce a fixed quarterly spend for all hardware, software, supplies and service thus negating the need for a capital outlay.

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