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Today, organisations need to do more than just capture and convert paper into a digital format – creating a PDF document has its limitations as they are difficult to edit and share. Businesses need to reduce costs, automate workflows, comply with GDPR regulations, reduce their eco-footprint and improve security and regulatory compliance.

Document management is used to capture, track and store electronic documents like PDFs, word processing files and inbound paperwork through a piece of software that links scanning hardware to a file. This makes the data searchable, easily reached and can apply access permissions for security purposes.

In simple terms it controls the flow, storage and who can have access to the files within the company.

Document management can save a business time and money with benefits like document security, access control, centralized storage, audit trails and streamlined search and retrieval.

With a suitable Document Management solution in place a company can;

  • Reduce inhouse storage requirements and free up office space.
  • Control and secure sensitive documents.
  • Tag & search for and retrieve documents faster
  • Share and collaborate more effectively
  • Increase office efficiency and process trails

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